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Shopping For 5 Gifts Techies You Should Buy Before the Holiday Shopping Rush

Shopping For 5 Gifts Techies You Should Buy Before the Holiday Shopping Rush - Shopcart Malta

Shopping For 5 Gifts Techies You Should Buy Before the Holiday Shopping Rush

Deals, freebies, discounts – these are a few of the things that make the holidays the perfect time to go shopping in Malta; however, shopping in December comes with a downside: difficulty buying stocks. It’s likely you’ve experienced wanting to buy a specific gift for a techie friend, only to find out that it’s out of stock everywhere you go. To avoid making the same mistake this year, you may want to shop for gifts early. To give you some gift ideas for friends who love tech and electronics, check out the article below.

 1. Hisense Soundbar 2.0

The Hisense 2.0 Soundbar creates stunning sound in a small and sleek package. It’s Roku TV-compatible and verified to work flawlessly with your Roku TV. This means you’ll experience a smooth set-up process with any Roku remote. Aside from Roku compatibility, this Hisense Soundbar is easy to connect to your TV and gives you the perfect audio experience for TVs 32 inches or bigger.

 2. Nintendo Switch

The Switch is part handheld and part home console. It’s a device anyone can use to enjoy their games wherever they are. This hybrid console gives you the perfect mix of quality and portability – perfect for your gamer friend or family member on the go.

 3. Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi’s Mi Box S is an Android TV unit that supports 4K HDR video quality at 60 frames per second. Not only does the Mi Box provide a visually stunning experience, but the audio is also fantastic due to its Dolby Audio and DTS 2.0 support.

 4. Lenovo XT90 Wireless Earbuds

In recent years, wireless earbuds have risen in popularity – and for a good reason: they’re convenient; there’s no need for you to play around with tangled wires. Before, wireless earbuds were pricey. Nowadays, manufacturers such as Lenovo have created wireless earbuds that are both affordable and of high quality. Lenovo’s XT90 wireless earbuds come with noise-canceling features that allow you to make clear calls without any interruptions. What’s more, it gives you a 20-hour battery life at a reasonable price.

 5. 1TB Seagate External Hard Drive

Seagate’s 1-terabyte external hard drive is portable, easy to use, and can give you a tremendous amount of storage wherever and whenever you need it. You can keep this small device anywhere you like and take it – and all your files – with you wherever you go. It’s the perfect solution for managing files for school or work.

Final Thoughts

We’ve listed some fantastic products your friends and family will love. If you’re shopping months in advance, you can easily secure the item you want without worrying about a shortage of stock. Please don’t fret about missing out on holiday discounts since ShopCart Malta gives you the best deals all year round, thanks to their price-match guarantee. So, shop with ShopCart Malta today.

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