Delivery Policy

Order Processing: The amount of time it takes us to process your order for delivery.

All our orders are processed and cleared same day of date of purchase.

What are the delivery time frames?

Our deliveries take place between 2 – 10 business days from date of purchase, maximum 12. All orders are delivered within a specific time frame, and we will never exceed or delay deliveries. (We will always inform client about date and time beforehand). Our deliveries take place between Monday to Saturday; mornings & afternoons, unless otherwise stated.

Side details:

  • All orders are processed punctually, and our deliveries are always on-time
  • Business days do not include Saturdays,Sundayrs or holidays
  • All orders must be signed-for from clients aged 18 and above
  • We attempt to deliver your item twice, if a no show occurs on both circumstances, your order will automatically be cancelled & refunded (if payment has been done in advance)