Xiaomi Composition Scale 2


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Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

In addition to body weight, Mi Body Composition Scale provides
accurate body composition statistics and boaed game that gives you a realistic picture of your health and fitness.

– Smart G-type manganese steel sensor senses the slight weight change of the body up to 50g.
– Slim, rounded exquisite curve, conveniently placed anywhere.

This great-looking scale can read up to 13 precise data points not limited to weight, body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, smart phone connect and much more. Although these are estimates, it is much more precise xiaomi scale than other scales.

Highly accurate BIA chip for easy control of body fat percentage. Balance test, closed eyes and one foot are available. Binding the millet sports app, reducing fat and shaping the body with half the effort. Model Number: XMTZC05HM

The Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is all about minimalism. Covered in reinforced glass, its 300 x 300 x 25mm chassis has rounded corners and is shiny, but doesn’t attract fingerprints. Its sensible, simple design continues with a large – but not massive – LED display up the top that displays your weight, and only your weight, in white characters. When it’s not doing that, it’s completely invisible. In the centre of the product is a ‘Mi’ logo, and at each corner are steel sensors.


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