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The World Cup Story

Did you know that the first world cup was in 1930? It was held in Uruguay and the finalists where France vs Mexico, with France lifting the trophy after an impressive 4-1 win. The first world cup we experienced was hosted in the Centenario stadium, Uruguay. Jules Rimet was the man behind it all, as it was the founder himself who put this idea into place and till today, it’s one of the most looking forward tournaments in the history of football.

The world cup 2022 is soon with us to bring joy and excitement with 32 participating teams, all in the hunt for glory.

Football is one of the best means of communication. It is impartial, apolitical, and universal. Football unites people around the world every day. Young or old, players or fans, rich or poor. The game makes everyone equal, stirs the imagination, and makes people happy and sadFranz Beckenbauer

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is near. The World Cup is the most watched global sporting event, with the final of the last edition in Russia viewed by over 1.1 billion combined viewers worldwide according to the FIFA website.

By November, football enthusiasts will stay glued to their TV screens or fill the match venue to support their national teams in Qatar. A World Cup is much more than just bringing millions of people to watch a game of football but an opportunity to display national pride and support for their representatives on the field of play.

This is obvious from the display of colorful stickers, flags, autographed shirts, and replicas in every World Cup game. Every tournament tells its own story as the winners, losers, and villains change over the years. So do the flags, stamps, mascots, scarves, and wall decors.’

If you are looking for the most iconic items to celebrate your country in Qatar, ShopCart Malta is ready and available to provide you with affordable and quality FIFA World Cup 2022-themed memorabilia and merchandise such as bunting flags, national flags, and shirts, designed by our exceptional artists. We have a variety of memorabilia related to the memorable moments in the tournament’s history.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about memorabilia and the World Cup and how a store like ShopCart Malta meets your memorabilia needs.

First, What is a Sports Memorabilia?

Sports memorabilia are simply sporting collectibles. It’s a group of items in the memory of sporting events or personalities. Not only football but there are also other sports that memorabilia can be collected. The fans are the ones to purchase and keep sports memorabilia. Well, isn’t it a great experience to have a football jersey signed by Lionel Messi in Qatar? How about Cristiano Ronaldo’s signed Portuguese flag?

What are the Kinds of Sports Memorabilia

The following are the various kinds and examples of sports memorabilia:

  • Sports accolades: medals, shields, trophies, plaques, and ribbons
  • Sporting cards: playing cards with a sporting outlook and other current cards for professional athletes such as the Panini FIFA World Cup official collection
  • Sporting artworks and literature: photos, autobiographies, books, calendars, magazines, sculptures, and associated aesthetic artifacts
  • Sporting stamps: stamps from many countries of the world
  • Sporting equipment: bats, clubs, rods and autographed football jerseys

Why do Fans buy Sports Memorabilia?

Why do fans cherish collecting these kinds of the above listed memorabilia. Firstly, they want to immortalize whatever objects or souvenir they got from their favorite athletes. It’s a piece of great evidence to let others in the future know that they met them in the past. In addition, some do it to display support to their loved players or see with them.

With the new trend of counterfeit autographs and objects, you need to be cautious when buying sports memorabilia. If you decide to purchase one, ensure you have a picture taken with the athlete while they are signing the item. Nobody can query the credibility of your memorabilia. Autographed sports memorabilia has greater worth than those without. A popular player’s autograph increases the value of the item.

Factors that influence the value of Sports Memorabilia

It can be challenging to know the worth of any sports memorabilia, especially an autographed item. It can change over time or in response to sudden demand. Generally, the price of any item is based on:

  • What was signed or stamped?
  • Who signed it?
  • Availability
  • Forces of demand and supply

Where can I buy my World Cup Merchandise?

” ShopCart Malta is an online store where you can find a variety of football and World Cup merchandise. This year, we have items that not only celebrate Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Check out our collection of flags and memorabilia and get one for yourself and your fellow fans!

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